Eel-like fishes and catfishes

Yellow Bullhead Yellow Bullhead
Ameiurus natalis


To 18" (46 cm); 3 lbs (1.4 kg). Robust, heavy; back dark olive-brown; sides yellow-brown, not mottled; belly yellowish; fins dusky to olive. Head thick, long, rounded above; eyes small; mouth terminal; 4 pairs of barbels, pair on chin yellow to white. Serrations on rear edge of pectoral fin spine; 24-27 anal fin rays, base long, about equal to head length; adipose fin present; caudal fin truncate to rounded.

Related Species

The Yellow Bullhead is a good sport and food fish. It is active at night, searching out food along the bottom by relying on its barbels and sense of smell.


Pools and backwaters of sluggish streams, ponds, and lakes; sometimes in slow riffles; usually in areas with heavy vegetation.