Drumlike fishes, cods, trouts, and catfishes

White Croaker White Croaker
Genyonemus lineatus


The White Croaker is a member of the drum family (family Sciaenidae). These elongate and moderately compressed fishes occur in a variety of habitats, but most live close to the bottom. They often have chin and rostral pores, and may possess chin barbels. Teeth are present in the jaws, but absent on the roof of the mouth; however, molarlike teeth may be on the pharyngeal bones. The 2 dorsal fins are separated by a distinct notch. The anal fin usually has 2 spines. Drums have ctenoid scales, often covering the bases of the fins, and the lateral line extends to the posterior edge of the caudal fin. This is one of the most commercially important families in North America, and is represented by 33 species, that occur in both the Atlantic and Pacific.