Eel-like fishes and catfishes

White Catfish White Catfish
Ameiurus catus


The white catfish is a member of the bullhead catfish family (family Ictaluridae). Bullhead catfishes are native to the fresh waters of North America east of the Rocky Mountains, from southern Canada south to Central America. The 5 genera and 39 species in North America range in size from 2" (5 cm) to more than 5' (1.5 m). They have 4 pairs of barbels, an adipose fin, and a single spine in the dorsal and pectoral fins. In some species the pectoral spines have serrations, which are short barbs along the edges. The madtoms, genus Noturus, are equipped with a venom gland at the base of the pectoral spine, which is often grooved, enabling them to inflict a painful, although not serious, sting.