Flatfishes, sunfishes, and perchlike fishes

Southern Flounder Southern Flounder
Paralichthys lethostigma


The Southern Flounder is a member of the lefteye flounder family (family Bothidae). The eyes and color of these highly compressed flatfishes are usually on the left side of the body. Their pigmented side is usually brownish, often with markings, and the blind side is white; they are capable of changing color patterns to match the substrate. The edge of the preopercle is visible and not hidden by skin. The dorsal fin base is long, beginning over or in front of the eyes, and, like the anal fin it is not connected to the caudal fin. Some species exhibit sexual dimorphism: The males may have a greater distance between the eyes and longer pectoral fins. There are 38 species in North America. Most are marine, but a few may enter brackish to fresh water.