Smooth Green Snake Smooth Green Snake
Liochlorophis vernalis


14-26" (35.5-66 cm). Small and streamlined; bright grass-green with long tapering tail. Belly white, tinged with pale yellow. Hatchlings bluish-gray or dark olive-green. Scales smooth, in 15 rows. Anal plate divided.


Mates spring and late summer. Lays 3-11 cylindrical-shaped, thin-shelled eggs, late July to August. Young hatch in 4-23 days at 4-6 1/2" (10-16.5 cm). A choice egg-laying site may be shared by a number of females.


Meadows, grassy marshes, moist grassy fields along forest edge; sea level to 9,500' (2,900 m).


Nova Scotia west to se. Saskatchewan, south to North Carolina and ne. Kansas; se. Idaho and Wyoming south into ne. and se. Utah and e. New Mexico; se. Texas. Numerous scattered populations.


Active during the day. A capable climber, but is largely terrestrial. Its color provides excellent camouflage as it moves through grass and low shrubs in search of insects and spiders. Large numbers of this species may overwinter together.