Minnows, suckers, and shadlike fishes

Goldeye Goldeye
Hiodon alosoides
Lake Herring


To 20" (51 cm); 3 1/8 lbs (1.4 kg). Moderately deep, compressed; bluish above; silvery below. Mouth large, with small, sharp teeth; eye bright golden-yellow, very large. Keel on midline of belly from pectoral fins to anus. Dorsal fin with 9-10 rays, origin just behind anal fin origin; 29-35 anal fin rays; caudal fin deeply forked. Lateral line complete, 55-62 scales.

Related Species

Mooneye (H. tergisus) has keel from pelvic fins to anus; dorsal fin with 11-12 rays, origin anterior to anal fin origin; occurs in same habitat in s. Canada, s. Great Lakes, Mississippi River system, south to Louisiana and Alabama.


Clear to turbid water in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and quiet backwaters.


James Bay drainage, Ontario and Quebec, west to Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories, south to Alberta. Mississippi River system, se. Ohio, w. Montana, south to n. Alabama and Louisiana.