Darkling Beetle Darkling Ground Beetle
Eleodes species


Darkling Ground Beetles are members of the family Tenebrionidae. Darkling beetles are slow-moving, small to medium-sized insects, 1/16-1 3/8" (2-35 mm) long. Most are dull brown or black with heavily striated or warty elytra. Their antennae are often clubbed, Fore and middle tarsi have 5 segments, while the hind tarsi have 4. The larvae resemble click beetle larvae but do not have a conspicuous upper lip. Most adults and larvae are nocturnal and scavenge on rotting wood. Some species attack stored foods, rugs, clothing, skins, insect collections, and dried plants. Others live in termite and ant nests, and some are seen in desert areas. There are over 1,400 species in North America, most of which are in the West.

  Darkling Beetle