Bryant and Barbara's Travels

Barbara and I always enjoyed adventures. We took plenty of breaks when we were still working so that we could find adventure and see places that we had not already seen.

We started our trips in Wisconsin after we were married. We would take off, without plans or schedule, on a long weekend and drive in a direction that would take us to new areas of Wisconsin that we had not seen. We discovered many new places, found some nice restaurants, ate frog legs in Prarie du Chien, slept in some interesting motels and really had a good time.

When we moved to Ohio, we continued the adventurous travel. We divided Ohio into quarters and made a point to circle through all four quarters. We discovered many new things, such as, Brumly, Ohio, where General George Armstrong Custer was born. There is a small city lot dedicated to that fact. We found several museums, a fine glass factory, paddle boats on the Ohio River, some interesting bed and breakfasts and again had a great time. Our last Ohio trip was to circle Lake Erie, which included Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario and part of Michigan. You can see much of what we saw around Lake Erie on this web site.

Our travels have taken us all over the world. Barbara and I made several trips out of country that are not here because they were videos and not converted to single images. We would like for you to enjoy what we saw in our adventures.

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