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Pedigrees are not guaranteed for accuracy by the Walker DNA Project, but are the submissions of the individual DNA participants. Any data provided should always be independently proven by the researcher wishing to use the information.


Kits 2189, 4403 and 6318 match 12/12.  It is not yet known how the three Walker lines are connected.  Research is being done.
Kits 2189 and 6318 are a genetic distance of 2 from each other, even though they appear to have more mismatches.  Please see note below and if you have further questions contact Suzanne at

NOTE:  The reporting of genetic distance for Markers 464a-d is unique. Previously, when comparing the results for these Markers, each result that did not match was considered a mismatch. With new guides lines from FTDNA's scientific board, the genetic distance calculation for Markers 464a-d has been revised. When a mismatch occurs, it must be taken into consideration whether the number of apparent mismatches are a result of the order of presentation of the Markers. The order of the results for these Markers may make it appear as if there are more mismatches than are actually present.

On the surface, it may look like there are more mismatches, but this illusion is caused by the results being reordered, and there are less mismatches. DYS 464a-d is a highly polymorphic marker, in fact it appears to be the fastest moving marker in our entire test. (Polymorphic means rapidly changing!)

When comparing two individuals' results, if it appears that there is more than 1 mismatch for Markers 464a-d, we check the genetic distance report (available to surname project administrators) to verify the number of mismatches following guidelines by the  Lab for Molecular Science and Evolution at the University of Arizona.


2189 William David Walker descended from:

Churchwell Walker born NC, circa 1788. He married Anne C. Coleman at Jasper Co., GA, on 26 Mar 1815. Churchwell died after 1 Jan 1883 at Heard Co., GA. (Churchwell Walker resided Jasper, Putnam and Heard Counties, Georgia.)
William W. Walker William was probably a free white male, age 5 and under 10, in Churchwell Walker household, on the 1830 Census at Putnam Co., GA. He married Sarah Ann Bates at Chambers Co., AL, on 29 Dec 1838. He was inducted into the military at Weogufka, Coosa Co., AL, on 29 Jun 1861. He was released from active duty at York Co., VA, on 18 Nov 1861. William died 11 Sep 1871 Coosa Co., AL.
William Churchwell Walker born at Marble Valley, Coosa Co., AL, 27 Apr 1845. He was inducted into the military at Coosa Co., AL, on 26 Jan 1863. He married Victoria Cetarill Rotton at Coosa Co., AL, 6 Sep 1863. He was released from active duty at Talladega, Talladega Co., AL, on 13 Jun 1865. He married Alice C. Wallace at Joppa, Cullman Co., AL, circa 1899. William died 22 Jan 1917 at Joppa, Cullman Co., AL, at age 71.
William Joseph Calhoun Walker Sr. born at Marble Valley, Coosa Co., AL, on 27 Mar 1874. He married Martha Ann Hallmark at Cullman Co., AL, on 19 Sep 1897. William died on 8 Oct 1943 at Center Hill, Cullman Co., AL, at age 69.
Rev. Baskcom Brown Walker born at Center Hill, Cullman Co., AL, on 23 Oct 1914. He married Zula May Hulsey at Stepville, Cullman Co., AL, on 21 Dec1940. Baskcom died on 8 Nov 1965 at Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL, at age 51.

46710 William Otis Walker descended from:

Daniel Walker living in Tar River area, Pitt or Edgecombe Co., NC in 1700’s
John Walker b 31 Jan 1777 Pitt or Edgecombe Co., NC, d 19 Aug 1848 Washington Co., GA m1 1800, pbl NC, Rebecca Kelly b 30 Sep 1780 d 30 Apr 1823 Washington Co., GA; m2 1824, Washington Co., GA, Elizabeth Little (dau of Edmund Little and Sally) b 1802 NC d 1880 Washington Co., GA
Freeman F. Walker b 16 Dec 1828 Washington Co., GA d 22 Jun 1863 Staunton, VA m 1851, Washington Co., GA, Amanda Lou “Nancy” Hooks (dau of Hillory Hooks and Eleanor Mills) b 1833 d 1915 Washington Co., GA
John Flournoy Freeman Walker b 20 Feb 1854, Washington Co., GA d 07 Jul 1927 Washington Co., GA m1 1881, Washington Co., GA, David Penelope Duggan b 1862, Washington Co., GA d 1900 Washington Co., GA m2 1901, Washington Co., GA, Emma Eugenia Fields b 1868, Washington Co., GA d 1956 Washington Co., GA

142821 contact: Steven Earl Walker DNA participant descended from:

William Walker (b 1761 Granville Co., NC d 1812 Granville Co., NC) and Sally Jarrot (b ca 1754 MD d aft 1850 Granville NC) m 1799 Granville Co., NC
Jarot Walker (b ca 1799 Granville Co., NC d aft 1870 Decatur Co., TN) and Lucy Walker (b ca 1800 NC d bef 1850) m 1844 Granville Co., NC
Jarret B Walker (b ca 1830 Granville Co., NC d bef 1871 Decatur Co., TN) and Serilda Corbin (b ca 1836 Maury County TN d aft 1880 Decatur Co., TN) (dau of George Corbin and Mary McLean) m ca 1855 Wayne Co., TN
William Nathanial Walker (b 1857 Wayne or Decatur Co., TN d 1908 Dyer Co., TN) and Martha F Fuqua (b 1864 Dyer Co., TN d ca 1899 Dyer Co., TN) (dau of James F Fuqua and Mary L Stewart) m 1896 Dyer Co., TN
Elvert Nelson Walker (b 1897 Dyer Co., TN d 1956 Dyer Co., TN) and Nina May Roberts (b 1908 Dyer Co., TN d 1984 Shelby Co., TN) (dau of Thomas Ily Roberts and Cleo Patra White) m 1922 Dyer Co., TN
Billy Thomas Wayne Walker (b 1928 Dyer Co., TN d 1999 Berkeley Co., WV) and Harriet Elizabeth Soper (b 1933 Montgomery Co., MD d 1974 Montgomery Co., MD) (dau of William Franklin Soper and Mary Bell Davis) m 1952 Fairfax Co., VA
DNA Participant

57851 Contact: DNA participant descended from:

Daniel Walker living in Tar River area, Pitt or Edgecombe Co., NC 1700's
Dorset Walker b 22 Feb 1782 Pitt Co., NC d 4 Mar 1851 GA m Clara --?--
Seaborn B. Walker b 28 Feb 1818 Washington Co., GA d 15 Jun 1878 Colorado Co., TX m1 Susannah A. Wicker m2 Sarah Ellen Wallace
Alfred L. Walker b 8 Jan 1847 Baldwin Co., GA d 22 May 1894 Colorado Co., TX m Josephine Elizabeth Gibson
Will Alfred Walker, Sr. b 13 Sep 1881 Colorado Co., TX d 10 Aug 1953 Colorado Co., TX m1 Maude Smith m2 Elizabeth Weaver
Father of Participant
DNA Participant

4403 Travis Leo Walker e-mail unavailable descended from:

Felix Walker b 1812 SC d aft 1870 Etowah Co., AL m Mary Ann Flannigan 9 Feb 1833 St. Clair Co., AL
Israel W. Walker b 15 May 1848 St. Clair Co., AL d 3 Sept 1919 Arley, Winston Co., AL m1 Martha M. Berry; m2 Frances Jane Rook
General Lee Walker, Sr. b 8 Nov 1873 St. Clair Co., AL d 29 Jul 1951 Arley, Winston Co., AL m1 E. A. Hutchinson; m2 Ada Bell Hendon; m3 Sallie Boston

Garland Walker descended from:

William Walker b abt 1778
Felix Walker b 1812 SC d 1888 AL m Mary Ann (Polly) Flannigan 1833 St. Clair Co., AL
John Franklin (Frank) Walker b 1846 AL d 1916 Cook Co., TX m Sarah Artha Ann Parker 1868 Marshall Co., AL
John Franklin David Walker b 1888 AL d 1952 Dallas Co., TX m Gethie Naomi Young b 1894 MS d 1941 Dallas, TX
Allen Parks Walker b 1923 Dallas, TX d 1983 Tyler, TX
DNA Participant

6318 Contact: Bryant Wilson Walker email: descended from:

Jeremiah Walker 1750? - 1834 (VA, NC) Jeremiah was a soldier in the Revolutionary War (1778-1781) and was living in Bute County, North Carolina at the time. RW Pension filed in 1834 and received by his widow in 1835.
John Walker ??? Jeremiah and his son arrived in Louisiana about 1803, possibly with land grants for settling the Louisiana Purchase Territory
Thomas Jefferson Walker 1822-1863. Married Frances Whittington
Andrew Jackson Walker 1851-1926. Married Caroline Elmira Helmer 1855-1930
Robert Ridley Walker 1889-1977. Married Ruby Viola Oliver 1893-1947
Van Wilson Walker 1917-1981. Married Ethel Mae Whatley 1922-1991
Bryant W. Walker living DNA Participant

49191 William L. Walker descended from:

John Walker b 1747 VA d ca 1826 Rutherford Co., NC
Daniel Walker b 1776 VA d 1827 Rutherford Co., NC m Sarah Mooney 15 Jan 1797 Rutherford Co., NC
Jonathan Young Walker b 1802 Rutherford Co., NC d 1892 Union Co., GA m1 Sarah Garnelia Upton m2 Nancy L. Bartlett
David Brown Walker b 1826 Rutherford Co., NC d 1910 Stephens Co., GA m Mary A. Moffitt
William Eaks Walker b 30 Jul 1872 Union Co., GA d 1945 Stephens Co., GA m Claricy Wallace
William D. Walker b 20 April 1899 Union Co., GA d 6 July 1972 m Marie L. Kelley
DNA Participant

N12127 Clyde Walker, Jr. descended from:

Daniel Walker b 12 Jan 1807 NC d 16 Jan 1898 Hayden, Routt Co., CO m1 Ann Clark ca 1829 in likely Burke Co., NC m2 Sophronia Josephine Hedden, in Towns Co., GA on 18 Sept 1881
Jonathan Clark Walker b 27 Feb 1834 Burke Co., NC d 1918 Union Co., GA m1 1860 in Union Co., GA, Alice Eliza J. Penland m2 1884 in Union Co., GA, Laura E. Penland, sister to first wife
Benjamin H. Walker b 1888 Union Co., GA d 1954 Washington State m Maggie Stewart in GA
Clyde Walker, Sr. b 1917 Union Co., GA d 1964 NJ m Magdaline Einyousfky in NJ
DNA Participant

46777 Contact Rita M. Cheek DNA participant descended from:

David Walker (unknown father b SC & unknown mother b NC) b 1815 NC d 1902 Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA m bef 1847 in Union Co., GA, Sarah D. Anderson b 1826 GA d 1898 Atlanta
David W. Walker b 1862 GA d 1928 Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA m 1883 in Atlanta, Isora Louisa Hardwick b 1862 Dekalb Co., GA d 1921 Atlanta
Fred Washington Walker b 1883 Atlanta d 1936 Milledgeville, GA m 1913 in Atlanta, Florette Emma Butcher b 1884 Eustis, Lake Co., FL d 1951 Atlanta.
Barnes Hardwick Walker 1916-1944
DNA Participant

92183 Contact: descended from:

Joseph Walker, Sr. b ca 1760 MD d early 1836 Daviess Co., IN m 1803 Rebecca Davis
James D. Walker b 1815 KY d 1885 Daviess Co., IN m 1837 Belinda Mattingly
John Miller Walker b 1848 d 1931 m1 Sarah Ellen Wade (d 1885) m2 1887 Mary Carolyn Padgett
Louis Bernard Walker b 1889 d 1975 m 1920 Anna Marie Pauly 1898 d 1943
DNA Participant

86121 Paul K. Walker descended from:

Benjamin N. Walker b 1821 OH d 1885 Pickaway Co., OH m Rebecca North?
William H. Walker b 1844 Greene Co., OH d 1926 Kingfisher Co., OK m Elizabeth Wolcott
Ben Walker b 1884 KS d 1958 Kingfisher Co., OK m Isol Acre
Father of Participant
DNA Participant

183029 Contact: Dorsey Walker e-mail: DNA test participant descended from:

James L. Walker (b: ca. 1, July, 1801, N.C., d: 31, Aug, 1848 Mountain Creek, Rutherford Co. N.C.) and Rebecca Johnston (b: 1813 N.C., d: Bet 1870-1880 Towns County, Ga.) m: 21,Sept ,1831,Rutherford N.C. daughter of John Johnston d: 1847 Ga. and Hannah Cook b:19, Feb,1789 Orange,N.C. d: 28,Aug,1842,McNairy,Tenn.
Ansil Bradley Walker ( b: 21, Dec,1845, Mountain Creek, Rutherford N.C. d: 7, Mar,1917 Calhoun, Ga) and Sarah Ann Bryson (b: Mar,1847,Ga. d:after 1900) m 5,Jan ,1875 Towns County, Ga. daughter of Andrew Bryson b; S.C. and Lydia Bryson b: S.C. {Note: Ansil has variant spellings In different documents,ie. Ansel,Ancel, however he spelled it as Ancil in his Bible. His confederate grave marker has Ansil Bradley Walker inscribed on it.}
William LaFayette Walker ( b:9, Sept,1875 Towns County,Ga d: 21,Mar 1934 Fulton, County,Ga.) and Dora Lee Rackley (b:7,July,1881 d: 20,Mar,1964 Newnan, Ga) m: 11, Aug.1907,Gilmer County,Ga.
Dorsey Watson Walker (b: 12 Oct. 1917 Campbell County, Ga d: 22 Oct 1985 Atlanta, DeKalb County, Ga.) and Novie Irene Dunaway b: 20 June 1919 Cullman, Ala. d: 21,Sept,2007, Jackson, Butts County, Ga) m: 5,June 1939, Campbell County, Ga. Daughter of Alexander Dunaway and Essie Mae Nelson