Our Family Trees

How will our children know who they are if they don't know where they came from.


I have attempted, with the help of my son Michael Van, to preserve our heritage on this web site by providing you with a history of our family.  The information is related to our family trees, documentation of family history and some historical information.  The trees and documentation are an ongoing project that probably will never end as we continue to discover new information on a continuous basis.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THE FAMILY HISTORY FORM to provide new information or to correct old information.

The connecting pages are what I know about our ancestors and related families.  There is much about our family history that I don't know, but I am still looking.  A large treasure of information was lost when the Opelousas Courthouse, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, burned down in 1886 which could have disclosed many answers to my questions.  I have tried to develop a comprehensive history here from what I and others have found for all of my family and cousins.  I chose this media rather than a book because it will reach more of you and save you the cost of purchasing a book.  I hope this information is interesting reading and helpful to anyone who is researching our family.  If any of you have any questions or additional information on our ancestors, please let me know.  This is always a work in progress.  [You will find buttons for a popup in the outlines for large NOTES that detracted from the outline.  Smaller notes that do not detract were left in the outline.]

I also want to say thank you and recognize many of the people who have contributed much of the research that I have.  Without their contributions I would have a lot less to pass on to everyone.  Thanks to:

  • Michael V. Walker, my son, contributed much to my research and counseled me on building the web media so that everyone can benefit from this research
  • Billy Dewayne Mouliere who contributed much of the Walker genealogy and gave me a jump start into my research.
  • Gordon Roy Whatley contributed to the Whatley genealogy
  • El Duane Whatley who was a friend and long recognized as the Whatley surname historian.
  • Jo Ann Heinrich contributed most of my research on Olivers and Mims
  • Debbie Carpenter Daniels contributed to the Carpenter and Walker genealogy
  • Carissa Lewis contributed to the Walker research
  • Other Contributors I apologize for not naming everyone who contributed to my research over the years
There have been other contributors along the way that will be added as soon as I can find their names again. My apologies to those that have contributed and are not listed.

Family Genealogy Trees

Click on a family name to see the tree for that family.

CARPENTER Descendants of Isaac CARPENTER, Sr. 10 Generations
CAUSEY Descendants of Robert Hardy CAUSEY 4 Generations
FERGUSON Descendants of Robert FERGUSON, Sr. 13 Generations
FOREMAN Descendants of Jonathan FOREMAN 7 Generations
GRIMBALL Descendants of John D. GRIMBALL, Sr. 5 Generations
HELMER Descendants of George HELMER 7 Generations
JESSUP Descendants of Joseph JESSUP 6 Generations
JOHNSON Descendants of Guillaume William JOHNSON 11 Generations
MITCHELL Descendants of Thomas A. MITCHELL 3 Generations
OLIVER Descendants of John G. OLIVER 7 Generations
PRITCHETT Descendants of Charles Walter PRITCHETT 5 Generations
RASBERRY Descendants of Richard RASBERRY 4 Generations
SPEARS Descendants of James SPEARS 6 Generations
TUREK Descendants of Unknown TUREK 6 Generations
VARNELL Descendants of Martin A. VARNELL 3 Generations
WALKER Descendants of Jeremiah WALKER 8 Generations
WHATLEY Descendants of Shirley WHATLEY I 13 Generations
WHATLEY Descendants of Willis [Elijah] WHATLEY, Sr. 8 Generations
WHITTINGTON Descendants of John WHITTINGTON, Sr. 10 Generations


All of the information on my web site, including the family history, family trees, outlines and documentation are copyrighted by myself, but are freely open and provided to family members and researchers of the surnames included.  Please do not upload any of my web site to Ancestry.com or any other organization without explicit permission from me or Michael Van Walker.  As a family member or researcher, you may download or copy any information from this web site for exclusive use for yourself or someone in your family.  Thank you for your cooperation.